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One of the high points of The Peace Alliance conference in September was the on-stage conversation between Dennis Kucinich and Walter Cronkite about the Department of Peace. At that time, he articulated a simple answer to the common objection that we already have a Department of State. Read his equally articulate and simple exit strategy for the war in Iraq. read more »

"Iraq is currently importing nearly half of all its fuel, with the government spending over 6 billion dollar each year on the importing of oil products from other countries."

This is from the ground in a report by Dahr Jamail, independent journalist and one of the witnesses who testified at the World Tribunal on Iraq. I have had personal correspondence with Dahr and two of his "habibi," and I choose to believe him over all the "progressives" who say that this war is about oil. read more »

I didn't hear the speech, and I won't read the transcript. Why bother? I already know what was said. However, I just received two things from very different sources that might help to put things in perspective. Yesterday's snail mail brought me the following quote from Adolph Hitler: "Terror is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." This morning, I had email from Jan Bongers ("Imagine" magazine), and he did the word count below on the transcript of the president's speech.

Today was's nationwide petition delivery action to ask for an exit strategy that would end our involvement in Iraq in '06. I wrote the following letter to the editor, but just in case it doesn't get published, I thought it would be a good idea to publish it here.

Rep. Brown Urged to Support Iraq Exit Strategy

Over 500 District 1 voters sign "Out in ‘06" Petition

North Charleston - Nine residents of SC District 1 gathered in the lobby of the Bank of America Building today to urge Representative Brown to support an Iraq exit strategy with a timeline that brings the troops home by the end of 2006. sponsored the nationwide petition campaign supported locally by Charleston Peace and SC Department of Peace Campaign. The delegation consisted of men and women and spanned two generations. One young man has a brother on active duty in Iraq right now. read more »


"You mean that's it? You're going home? You're not going to stand on that street corner and proclaim your convictions? You're just a whisper in a storm, that's all you are!"

He was a Viet Nam veteran we met on the far side of the square as we walked our weekly vigil. He had accepted my flyer about the call-in day on Tuesday with such enthusiasm that I gave him a few more and invited him to spread the word and join us every Saturday at 11:00 by the fountain. He had replied that he had been opposed to this war from the start, and he'd be happy to join us. read more »

There's a storm thundering in DC. It's raining indictments as corrupt deeds light up the sky with a brilliant illumination. The thunder of accusations reverberates through the electorate. The Republicans state that corruption is bipartisan. The Democrats, in their typical defensive posture, point out that most of those indicted are Republican.

DUH!! The administration is Republican. The Congress is Republican. The Supreme Court is Republican-appointed. How could it be otherwise? If the situation were reversed, there would be no corruption. NOT!! read more »

I'm annoyed. While my computer was down and I was depending on the library for internet access, I was deleting my news services unopened and only keeping up with this website and the Department of Peace action. Now I'm back on line, and I'm annoyed by the ignorance and hypocrisy of people I thought would know better.

It started with a headline that caught my eye with the provocative question: Which came first, the dumbing down of the presidency or the dumbing down of the electorate? So I read the article, and the author didn't even bother to answer the question! It was just another impotent invective against the current administration. I know how I would answer the question. read more »

Last night I participated in one of hundreds of vigils that were held across the nation to honor the soldiers who have died in Iraq. We've reached the magic number - 2000. Of course, that doesn't count the ones who are mortally wounded and flown out just to die before reaching more advanced medical facilities. Or the ones who come home to die. Or who come home to years of agonizing treatment - physical or mental - for the injuries they've suffered. Or even the "collateral damage" to the families whose loved ones are lost or crippled or forever absent from them on an emotional level. read more »

I subscribe to 10 or 15 action alert lists, and I email my Representative to the House, my Senators, and the president on a variety of propeace issues on a regular basis. "You're wasting your time; their aides just delete them," I'm told. "It costs nothing but a little time, and it makes me feel better," I respond. I am writing today to tell you that not only will you feel a sense of participation and even relief from this activity, but recently I have found that it's actually working! read more »


When my Representative's Chief Administrative Assistant asked me in an email for the topic of my reqested meeting, I listed three pieces of legislation by name and number: H.B.3760 to create the Department of Peace (DoP Bill), H.R.2631 to establish a Peace Tax, and H.Con.Res.97 to state a Sensible Transition to Enduring Peace (STEP Resolution) in Iraq.

"None of this is legislation that we are supporting," answered Sue Udry, the Lobbying Coordinator for United for Peace and Justice. read more »

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