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Last night, I listened to Dot Maver, Executive Director of The Peace Alliance and Foundation, in a conversation with Michael Peter Langevin, author and Latin American scholar, discuss "the way to global peace" on a World Puja streaming audio. I highly recommend this website to the propeace community; you have to join to get in, and some of the navigation is less than obvious, but what you will find there is well worth the extra browsing. read more »

SC races have been pretty much ignored by the national polling services. In the presidential approval ratings, SC has seen one of the biggest shifts away from incumbents, but SC had one of the highest approval ratings to start with, so that's pretty meaningless, statistically speaking.

Randy Maatta is considered the underdog for SC District 1, but I've also heard that the Republican Party itself had wanted the incumbent to retire. Election Projection has all incumbents winning in SC but no poll results. I firmly believe that Randy has a good chance; he's on the progressive side on all the issues. Click here to have a look for yourself. read more »

The world cannot allow the bloodshed in the Middle East to continue. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and wounded, almost 1 million made homeless, and a catastrophic larger conflict is possible. We call on US President Bush, UK Prime Minister Blair and the UN Security Council to support UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's call for an immediate ceasefire and an international force to stabilize the situation. read more »

The Peace Action National Congress over the weekend of July 14th at Wayne State University in Detroit was the most interesting and valuable conference I have ever attended. This is the more surprising to me because I was there as a commuter, so I did not attend the Sunday morning spiritual observance or the more casual presentations and social events that were offered during the after-dinner hours. I found myself applying what I learned right away, before I even returned home. read more »

In the wake of Georgia Stillwell's story, I got the story below from a mother whose son returned home from Iraq last year in a box. There are so many stories and so little simple human compassion! This is not a terrorist who deserves to have a wall of security guards and police around her. This is a grieving mother seeking condolences from those who are responsible for her loss.

I will be HEARD!

My son Steven Sirko died in Iraq on April 17, 2005. It has been 1 year, 2 months and 18 days since the last time I saw my sons face. I have not looked into his eyes - sky blue eyes - for 1 year, 5 months and 18 days, for the last time I saw that beautiful face, his eyes were closed. He was dead. I stroked his hair, I kissed his face, I held him as closely as I could. I was one of the lucky parents - his casket was open. read more »

Here is a quote that illustrates how even the best-intentioned progressives are still stuck on a treadmill that leads where all treadmills lead - to a perpetuation of the status quo. Rather than giving the source, since opposition is not the intent here, and since it reflects so well the feelings of many besides the source, suffice it to say that the context is the outrage currently being experienced by people of conscience regarding the massacre at Haditha. read more »

The Charleston Propeace Community had activities both Saturday and Sunday, and SC DoP Campaign participated both days.

As of Saturday, my weekly walking vigil has been "absorbed" by Thinking People. They had prepared seven 20-foot clotheslines with sheet protectors hanging down, each of which displays, back to back, the faces of two human beings who died in Iraq. They also had a table where people could find out about upcoming propeace events and sign a petition in support of legislation to end funding for the war. read more »

"They that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

The city of Philadelphia is celebrating Franklin's tricentennial, and Brett Bursey and other dissenters would have been glad to borrow his eloquence at their trials. His words and the words of others like him provoked the colonists to declare themselves a sovereign nation. This is an Action Alert. I'll tell you about the situation where I am, and if you find yourself moved to help out, you can Google ACLU to find out if there are similar cases in your area, who to lobby about it, when the cases will be heard, and what actions are planned around it. read more »

Some people are hungry, some people who care start their planning.
A phone call, a stop, generosity, not too demanding.
Organics, just bruised but still fresh, the grocery giving.
A bake'ry, spare loaves and bread rolls, the baker donating.
A pizza not claimed from last night, pizzeria is helping.
This morning, not early, spare time, now the people are gathering. read more »

TrueMajority is launching a project to tell Congress what we all DO want our taxes spent on. You can even upload a photo, so our representatives will know we're real people. Click here to participate. Please put in a good word for the Department of Peace.

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