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Louise Diamond, author of The Peace Book and member of, reports in her blog the words of the Dalai Lama in response to a request for a prayer at the recent Culture of Peace conference. read more »

Below is an excerpt from a post to the Appalachian Peace Education Center list-serve that illustrates "evolving from anti-war to propeace." The author is Kitty Hegemann. read more »


An activist friend of mine from Michigan wrote to me this morning and asked my opinion about the Democratic Party candidates for President. I have indeed formed something resembling an opinion about this melodramatic media circus we are calling Election '08, but to me, my "opinion" feels more like fear bordering on panic. read more »

May 16, 2007. ATLANTA (AP) Yolanda Denise King, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest child who pursued her father's dream of racial harmony through acting and motivational speaking, has died. She was 51. read more »


On April 29th, Dennis Kucinich brought his '08 presidential campaign to the Justice gym on the University of NC Asheville campus where over 700 people gathered to learn exactly what makes this candidate different from all the rest who are seeking the Democratic nomination. read more »

Eight years after Columbine we have failed to find meaningful ways to address violence in this country. It is time for America to talk about peace - peace at home and peace abroad. The same way students were killed yesterday in their classrooms in Blacksburg, Iraqi students are being killed in their schools and in their homes in Baghdad. read more »

On Thursday, April 19th, I went to Blacksburg, VA after 48 hours of deep grieving with the intent of putting my NVC skills to work with the students and staff who were witnesses to the tragedy but whose shock, fear, and grief might not be getting addressed since they were not "family." Several factors converged Wednesday night that put my worries and self-doubts to rest: read more »


The Department of Peace Campaign had a presence at the Teach-In on Iraq Policy at Emory-Henry College in southwest Virginia yesterday. Each speaker had five minutes. I was particularly impressed by the offering of Pat Gaskin of the ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon, VA where I intend to be living in the not-too-distant future. It was an anonymous meditation that reminded me of what Dennis Kucinich said about how the tragedy at the WTC on September 11, 2001 could have been framed as our opportunity to build community locally and globally. read more »


This is just a friendly reminder that Monday is MLK day. Find a parade in your area and participate by walking in solidarity, or at least showing up, to honor his dream and his life. It's okay if you don't have anything fancy already planned; last year, I marched alone armed with only a camera to "shoot" the spectators. I get discouraged when I see all those JROTC units marching to promote militarization. read more »

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I guess I'll start with the bad news so I can end on a pleasant note.

I usually insulate myself pretty carefully from TV news, but today I was stuck in the waiting room of a local tire store and subjected to about forty minutes of broadcasting. I don't know what station it was, but it had to be one of the "dedicated" news stations because it was the middle of the afternoon. There was a banner up behind the talking head - a woman - that said, "End the American Love Affair with the UN." My heart wanted to cry out, "And what love affair might that be?" read more »

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