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I've retitled this news from Louise Diamond, author of "The Peace Book." She called it "Death and Re-Birth on the Path." read more »

This blog entry is copyright Maureen Moss, founder of World Puja. read more »

Here is the Jeff Chapman-Crane poem that is engraved in the base of his "The Agony of Gaia" sculpture.

the clarion cry of woodland bird
the trickling song of mountain stream
should fill the silence here
Stately oaks
should crown this noble queen. read more »

Today I traveled to Wise, VA, a small coal-mining town not far from the Cumberland Gap, to speak at the "public" hearing of the Air Pollution Control Board. read more »

Ludovic Hubler spent five years traveling the world for the challenge and joy of opening his heart to this planet and the people that call it home. He plans to write a book about his experiences, and with his permission, I offer this excerpt from his learnings. read more »

Yesterday, I spoke at a public hearing on a permit application by Dominion Power, and it was highly disheartening. In fact, I almost walked out! Since most of the readership here is not local to this project, I'll offer as background that the proposed plant is to generate power using "clean" coal technologies - an oxymoron, of course! read more »

My participation in the World Prout Assembly’s (WPA) first Building a New World conference in Radford, VA really started the night before the conference started, on the evening of Wednesday, May 24, at the annual banquet of the Appalachian Peace Education Center (APEC) where I met Kathy Kelly, our keynote speaker and founder of Voices for Creative NonViolence. read more »

I am grateful to Conal Elliott for the heart-open, heart-closed model of connecting with our universal human needs, to (I)An-ok Ta Chai for sharing her work and asking the question, and to Marshall Rosenberg for the gift of his work in Nonviolent Communication. read more »

Pangea is the name that was given to the supercontinent that included the entire landmass of our planet prior to the breakup of the continents. Please calendar Pangea Day for Saturday, May 10th at 2:00-6:00p.m. EDT. read more »

If you are like me, you probably used to think of yourself as a "constitution thumper." Maybe you still do. However, if you are like me and over 70% of Americans, you think this country is "broken" beyond repair. Are you surprised at that number? I sure was! read more »

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