Letter to the President

July 4, 2015

Dear President Biden,

My name is Hagit Hernandez. I am a 24-year-old Israeli woman who married my Mexican-American husband Jorge a year ago while he was stationed in my village of Shalom just outside of Gaza.

Shortly after our wedding, his humvee was thrown off the road by an IED and exploded and burned. He was sent to the hospital in Munich where he is getting excellent care. Two of his buddies were killed instantly, and a third lies in a coma in the hospital with him.

I am writing to you to thank you for establishing a Department of Peace in your Cabinet when you took office. We are hearing wonderful reports here in Israel. Is it true that the Department of Peace runs Hat Camps for combat veterans where they help people like my husband make the transition back to civilian life? If so, I hope the Army will consider redeploying him there. I understand that only able-bodied soldiers are eligible for Hat Camp because there are no hospitals there and they don’t yet have enough places for all of the veterans. The doctors in Munich say Jorge will recover from his burns and fractures well before he is due to be discharged in six months, and I urge you to have him sent to Hat Camp. He needs help. He has “survivor guilt” about losing his buddies, and I don’t know how to help him with that.

I am also grateful that you signed into law the legislation passed by your Congress that provides for an orderly provisional citizenship process for people who want to immigrate to the United States. When my husband first entered the United States, he was living outside the law, but he was doing well because he is a good mechanic and a peace-loving man. The collapse of the trucking industry during the Depression of 2010 was so hard on him! He made a deal with the Army recruiters when he enlisted in the Army the next year, and they got him his American citizenship. He told me about it, but I don’t understand the details.

I would like to learn what I can do to help Jorge get into a Hat Camp, and I would like to receive an application for provisional citizenship. I am a trained pediatric nurse, and I want to get a job in a town near the Hat Camp so that I can be with Jorge as much as possible during his transition time. His family is still not accepting our marriage. They are devout Catholics, and I am a Jew. Besides, they are living in Mexico City, so they will not be available to support him. I spent a year of my nurses training as an exchange student in Roanoke, Virginia where I lived with Dr. Jamison and her family, and I know she would sponsor me if that would strengthen my application.

Thank you very much for reading my letter and considering my requests. May peace prevail on Earth and in our hearts.


Hagit Hernandez


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