Interdependence Day 2018

Below is the headliner from the BayNVC monthly newsletter. Author Kit Miller takes a page from Tom Atlee's book when she refers to this practice of reporting news from the future as "imagineering."

Global Interdependence Day Celebration - San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 10, 2018

This Sept 11, 2018 marks the ten year anniversary of Interdependence Day. Since this date on 2008, the movement to acknowledge the interdependence of all living beings has spread from where it first began here in the San Francisco area. "There's no question in my mind that a shift began to occur in September 2008" says Nobel winner Al Gore and producer of the recent blockbuster film "The Truth: It's No Longer Inconvenient", a celebration of the successful global effort to contain carbon emissions. "Without the understanding of how linked all life is on this planet, we would not have been able to make the changes we needed to make. The skills underlying this transformation are due in no small part to the legacy of Nonviolent Communication, which has enabled people worldwide to create life-serving systems."

As we mark the 10th anniversary of World Interdependence Day, many people recall their first reactions. "I was skeptical at first, that's for sure. Now, looking back, we wouldn't have been able to resolve our issues in the Middle East, or shift away from our dependence on oil, without the consciousness and skills of NVC" states Richard Cheney, Jr., part of the Global Alliance for Energy Descent. "I don't believe that the oil companies would ever have agreed to donate their profits toward the effort of re-tooling the global economy if it wasn't for the people involved having such a broad vision AND the ability to connect across differences."

This year also marks the fifth anniversary of the Westpoint Peace Academy at the Presidio. The cadets we interviewed expressed incredulity about how conflicts were addressed when they were children. Most couldn't believe that a basic understanding of human needs was missing prior to that. "It's just common sense!" exclaimed one young cadet.

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