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I didn't write this. I believe it's by Alexa Hauser. The Albany Farm Alliance predates Occupy the Farm by at least a decade or two and provides the farmers' collective with a fiscal umbrella and some necessary administrative infrastructure. I hope you like it!

Scenes from the Gill Tract on February 17, 2018

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Yaaaaawwwn.... MMMmpft! HUH? WHAT!!? You're kidding, right? I haven't really been asleep since...? What time is it? Wait! What year is it? 2012?!? No! Wait! Wait!!!

Okay, breathe. Just... breathe. Just..... breeaathe.

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…and happy fifth anniversary of the conception of, the online community where we are “building a culture of peace” and celebrating our interdependence. This website was created to challenge people to think beyond the intricate dance of war and anti-war. We must not be silent, but we must choose our words carefully. read more »

July 4, 2015

Dear President Biden,

My name is Hagit Hernandez. I am a 24-year-old Israeli woman who married my Mexican-American husband Jorge a year ago while he was stationed in my village of Shalom just outside of Gaza. read more »

Jonathan Reed is a 20-something native of Atlanta and a student at Columbia College in Chicago, and he wrote the palindrome below about himself and his peers, the so-called Lost Generation. As depressing as it is when you read it as written, it is just as uplifting in reverse. To reverse it, read line by line from the bottom up.

The Lost Generation
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While peace starts within, it must not end there. Your physical presence is needed or your peace cannot penetrate and perpetuate. I've come to believe that much of our problem today is due to the fact that violence makes more noise and moves around so much more than peace, and consequently violence gets more media coverage than peace.

In the world we are working to co-create, Social Change Activists have the support they need for their unique challenges. The purpose of the PSCCC is to provide an opportunity for Social Change Activists to support each other by offering a free, open Proactive Social Change Conference Call based on the idea of a leaderful circle. read more »

This New York Times Special Edition must be seen to be believed.

Below is the headliner from the BayNVC monthly newsletter. Author Kit Miller takes a page from Tom Atlee's book when she refers to this practice of reporting news from the future as "imagineering."

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Do you believe in the power of intention to change the world? The synergistic effect of sharing a vision? The consciousness-raising effect of sharing celebration? read more »

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