Sacred Cow Tipping - Who Decides Value?


Day 15 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

The further we go on our journey and the more Sacred Cows that get tipped, the easier it is to see the real agenda of those who want to stay in control. Creating and maintaining conflict of any kind is the name of the game for them now. They are helped by the fact that so many conflicting contracts have been built into the very fabric of society. Nevertheless, we will persevere in tipping those Cows that interfere with our forward progress, particularly those that fuel conflict.

Conflicts get a lot of fuel from the Sacred Cow of superiority:

"Strictly enforce a moral and economic code that reinforces the power of the Status Quo."

This contract is particularly effective because it enables the Status Quo to define and enforce the perimeters of what's important and what's not. Here are only a few examples:

Hard work = important
Rest = not important

Short term results = important
Long term best interests = not important

This contract also gives Society the power to impose it's preferences about what's good (compliance) and what's bad (being different).

And there's more:
Peaceful = weak
Violent = powerful

Flashy & glossy = desirable
Straightforward & basic = undesirable

Simple = less valuable
Complex = more valuable
Weapons of Mass Destruction = very valuable

Are these arbitrary value judgments coming from outside of you having a negative effect on you or your ability to manifest?

Some people would say that this kind of social imposition of values is inevitable, an inescapable by-product of a civilized people. I respond by respectfully releasing any familial, racial or national agreement that says it has to be that way.

Play our Sacred Cow Tipping game and take back your power to freely choose what has value for you and what doesn't.

Rheanni Lightwater © 2006

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