Sacred Cow Tipping - The Underpinnings of War


Day 21 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

There are many good reasons why people have difficulty changing direction and some of them have to do with our Sacred Cows. The majority of these unconscious agreements are held in place by trauma. By far, the biggest cause of trauma is war and the cows that perpetuate it.

That's why today's Sacred Cow is:

"Treat people like commodities; use them up and then throw them away."

Personally, I have suffered from many of the symptoms of post traumatic stress for most of my life:

* Feeling fear about the future
* Diffficulty concentrating
* Frequent boughts of insomnia or nightmares
* Feelings of guilt or helplessness
* Uncontrollable crying
* Flashbacks
* Shock and overwhelm.

As a child, I had a horrible time getting along with others and school was a major struggle. I grew up with constant panic attacks and seemed to get myself in trouble no matter what I did.

It wasn't until my mid-thirties that I realized my behavior was not due to just being a bad person. I had reasons for my apparent lack of control, and they were good ones. My father was a navigator in the Army Air Corps during World War II and the Korean War and had participated in countless bombing missions. When he came home, the U. S. Military gave him a couple of weeks R&R in the Carribean - no counseling and no opportunity to decompress from the horrors of war.

Needless to say, he was not ready to return and take up the role of "Father Knows Best", the popular TV show of the time. He was moody, given to rages, migraines and had no patience for small children. I lived my preschool years in absolute fear of him and as a young adult, I rebelled and went out of my way to hurt him. It wasn't until he was dying of cancer that I understood where the violence had come from; what had happened to our family and who was really responsible for it.

Before he passed away, my father shared his deep regret and guilt about killing so many people. The pain and remorse that he had been holding in was eating up his body and palpable on his face as he recounted wartime experiences that both humbled and horrified me at the same time.

I literally watched him go yellow and break out into a cold sweat while he detoxed a drug the military had given him in place of quinine as a "treatment" for malaria. Evidently the drug did nothing whatsoever to protect him or the thousands of other soldiers who took it from malaria, it was only intended to keep them on their feet no matter what. No wonder he turned into a workaholic and could never relax. The mass use of that drug may explain a lot about the health problems of many men of his generation - heart attacks, stoicism, emotional inaccessability, workaholism, alcolholism, not to mention cancer.

In his death, my father taught me something very important about post traumatic stress. He had spent his whole life running away from it, yet when he realized his time was running out, he began to accept what had happened and how frightened he had been. By providing him with a safe and loving place to talk, he was able to let it go emotionally, spiritually and physically. I know that by the time he passed away, he had made his peace with me and more importantly, with himself.

With him as an inspiration, I sought after a form of treatment that might be instrumental in breaking the cycle of war, abuse, learning disabilities and chronic health problems, and that is how the graphs we use in our Tipping game came to be.
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This set of Sacred Cows will not tip on their own. Please join me today and over the next few days. Tell your friends and associates. Numbers count.

Rheanni Lightwater Copyright 2006

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