Sacred Cow Tipping - Individual Initiative


Countdown: 12 Days Remaining of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

If we genuinely want to be successful in changing our direction, a strong inner sense of what we want to create is required. Have you carefully thought about what you want to experience and have you taken definite action towards that goal?

If not, you may be falling under the influence of this Sacred Cow:

"People are like sheep, they need someone to lead them and only certain people are capable of being leaders."

At it's best, this Sacred Cow creates complacency and a dependence on what's going on outside of us. At worst, it is the foundation for cults, despotism and dictatorship.

If we are waiting to be told what to do, we aren't really changing direction at all.

As alert people, each of us has the capacity and responsibility to make our own decisions and create our own circumstances. To tip this cow, play our game:

Rheanni Lightwater © 2006


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It is the shepherd who leads the lambs to slaughter with the false fear of the wolf, who's aim is to keep the sheep roaming free, healthy and united.

Be the wolf, who protects and cares for family, who keeps the world healthy, united and free.



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