Sacred Cow Tipping - Cronyism


Day 19 of 30 Days to Creating a Change in Direction

The Status Quo is angry at the prospect of actually following a new direction. Because of all the progress that has been made by many dedicated hearts, the beast is weakened and frustrated in its attempts to regain control.

Surely one of the tactics it is likely to try next is to push the use of this Sacred Cow:

"Appoint friends and associates to positions of authority, regardless of whether or not they are qualified to be there."

I suggest that we head this one off at the pass before too much damage can be done.

When you go through today's tipping game, imagine you can go back through the history of your ancestors. Think about all the traumatic experiences they went through on account of decisions that some unqualified crony made; wars, occupations, genocide, crusades, slavery, broken promises, mismanagement and so on.

As the living heir of your family, exercise your authority and release all those agreements. See every last unjust appointment, treaty and decree burn away into nothingness. Then consciously make a new agreement to incorporate competence and honesty into our new direction.

Rheanni Lightwater © 2006

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