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And the Nobel Booby Prize Goes to George W. Bush
(and his supporters)!
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Five Easy Pieces to Iran

The Jigsaw to Armageddon

Yeah, folks, you can bet the ranch: we’re going in. I’ve heard all the arguments from the nay sayers, so let that go. We’re going in. read more »


In Remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki read more »

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AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… - the Final Holdout: 9/11

Not to worry, this is not about truth seekers or conspiracy theories. It’s not about the long list of anomalies and discrepancies in the official story of 9/11. It’s not even about the undeniable fact that the events of 9/11 gave George Bush and his handlers the keys to the neocon kingdom of empire. It really is not. read more »


...and you've GOT to know people who need this advice!

Someone you know needs this advice. Pass it on....

Damn, but they're really stupid out there! Millions of uninformed Americans form opinions every single day about vital issues that affect all our lives. Sadly, they base their views on garbage they've collected from the mainstream news networks.

No wonder everything is as screwed up as it is! Maybe the sheeple of America could learn something from this article. It's past the time for good manners... not when we're on the brink of another war in Iran that, once again, the masses know nothing about. read more »

Planes do not simply vaporize. Never in the history of aviation disasters has an aircraft ever totally disintegrated. Even exploding space shuttles did not vanish into thin air. Therefore, it stands to reason that whatever hit the Pentagon had to leave some recoverable debris in its wake. Surely, there had be enough identifiable rubble remaining from a 110,000 ton aircraft to satisfy the skeptics?

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