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How many more 2 billion dollar stealth bombers does the world need ?

How many more billion dollar stealth fighters ?

How many multi billion dollar stealth submarines ?

How many more years of spending to recover the military machine and man power from useless, wasteful war should WE pay for ? read more »

No nation has any right to produce, possess, procure or use weapons and methods of mass destruction, and every nation has a responsibility to eliminate them, just as each has the responsibility to protect the worlds population from criminal activity and crimes against humanity, for without this moral directive no nation can claim any right to its own humanity.
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2 trillion dollars of new debt, American economy and lives are the bet,

Gambling the future stocks on war, leaving the solider wounded and poor,

Molded rooms and lives on hold, morning to noon, as each new night falls so does the ability to maintain these walls,

2 trillion dollars of new debt, lumbers toward the failed future of this bet, read more »


America has No Right what so ever to be mounted on its self righteous, white hat, cowboy horse, spin machine pointing its accusing one fingered victory salute at Iran for supplying weapons to the Iraq Resistance Coalition.

If Canada or Mexico was invaded the United States would be doing the exact same thing, in an attempt to control regional influence, to secure its borders and to aid the Canadians in affecting the outcome of the conflict. read more »


How many more generations of terror has 800 billion dollars of worthless war bred ?

How much destruction of family, life, social infrastructure and military equipment, has 800 billion dollars of worthless war reaped ?

How much Homeland Security would have 800 billion dollars bought ?

How many peaceful jobs would have 800 billion dollars created ?

How many homeless families would have 800 billion dollars helped ? read more »


The Information Age has brought not only connectivity and interdependence, it has begun to virtualize every aspect of human activity.

With the ability to instantly effect opinion the age of 15 minutes of fame is giving way to 13 minutes of Change.

As networks grow in numbers and complexity, their ability to direct and effect the creation of cyber disobedience will be a mouse click or power switch away. read more »


The depth of historical ignorance required to make the assumption and assertion that the american system of social and global management is somehow superior and worth keeping intact for perpetuity, or to base any form of new future direction upon it, is absolutely the most self centered, self serving, self denying, hypocritical ignorance that one could possibly delude themselves and others into believing and/or trusting. read more »

Peoples of the UK, close the beach NOW, gather the Homeless of your country, allow them the exclusive right to salvage and sell the lost cargo, place their needs above your individual greed, give all that you have claimed as salvage to benefit the homeless.

Salvage the Homeless, by simply allowing them to salvage this material bounty of the sea.

People of the corporations, give this bounty to the Homeless, for all know your insurance will pay for this temporary loss, and the cost of the materials recovery will hardly be worth the effort. read more »


Islam awaits the return of The Hidden One, Christianity awaits the return of Jesus, as factions among you struggle for control and power through petty squabbles and the folly of W.A.R. it is the wise among you who rise above mans greed and corruption to see the bridge toward peace.

The truth of the hidden one long banished, abused and suppressed by fear is now sought and seen by many, for truth is open for all who wish to find he'r. read more »


Shall*We choose to sacrifice our children or the SUV's which carry them to a bloody, useless death.

Shall*We choose to sacrifice arms and legs or the Arms Race which rips the flesh and bone of humanity.

Shall*We choose to sacrifice love and peace or our Egos and the grand illusion of power and control which abuses and destroys all we claim to covet as dear and true.

Shall*We choose to sacrifice our neighbors or the fear held up by ignorance and the building of walls and fences. read more »

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