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The Vital*Bridges to deliver the means of war or peace, rest upon the foundations of the people, crossing one brings each to the other side, collapsing y/our humanity, everyone crossing together, brings all to meet in the middle, building human*unity, build them strong, build them well, maintain their integrity, as y/our future depends on each crossing, successfully, together as one.
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Round and round you*go, where you*stop only the spin machine knows,

Right to Left, Center and back, keep on spinning until you*see only black,

Passing out brass rings and carrots on a stick, to expert suckers who are merely professional behind the screen licks,

Up and Down with fear you’ll hop, flip-pity-flop, frightened, shy rabbits on pogo sticks, read more »









Nov. 2nd - 2008

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Show the Leaders




- We -




- We -
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A Road*Map to - $$Peaceful*Change$$ . . .

To empower The People by establishing a global method by which they could make decisions of investment, development and education in $$Peaceful*Change$$, their personal choice, a global system of daily financial voting. read more »

To - All*Ways whom seek the meaning and divine goal of the Middle East Conflict - The strength of Islam is God, the strength of Judaism is God, the strength of Christianity is God, the strength of God is Love, the power of love is Truth, the way of truth, the spirit of all faith, is Peace, the solution, the realization to that which you seek, Strength, Unity and Peaceful*Change, is the tol
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Blackwater, Halliburton, Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics always certain, never mind the men behind the curtain,

100,000 federal troops on the ground, in country sing their holy, patriotic, gaming sounds, 100,000 private mercenaries, covert blood money, operations sucking tax coffers down, read more »

Holding on to life, thread bare and weary of razor edged strife,

Falling prey to Lords of War, huddled mass of hope,
braced behind a fragile hearts door,

Seen only as fodder to send against the cannons of their neighbors father,

Fear cut with hate opens wounds to fester while they wait,

Endless days of abuse, fold into countless years without the relief of tears, read more »

Global warming is a reality, whether or not human activity is the direct cause is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the fact that human activity contributes to the effect.

War is a reality, and that human activity is the direct cause is a fact. read more »

As you debate the meaning and value of Words that Work,

3,166 US citizens have fallen:

Here they are in blocks of 100 souls. read more »

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