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Those who think, believe, and act within a divisively, biased, hateful, fear based mentality are standing at the apex of a divinely set, evolutionary dead end, which is N.O.W. being completely superseded by the cooperative nature of our humanity.

L.O.V.E. -2.0- Raise the Shield

No nation need battle over the sun nor wind, which flows freely to all, thus these and other alternative energies and conservation's are far more cost effective and less expensive, than reliance on a crude resource which builds and maintains the machines, mentality and deadly destructive cost of - W.A.R.
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The time to act is N.O.W. - Begin the wave . . . Turn the tide . . .

Raise the Shield, Reflecting peace to the hearts and minds of all, from this day forward . . .

Good*Tidings - In*Peace - All*Ways

Raise the Shield

Oh my three days without power, water or heat, what will supper be, canned veggies and meat,

Storms are worse now than yesterday, when all our troubles seemed so far away,

With the power out, we can’t even get online to play Americas Army recruiting game, No Way,

AK-47s in shopping malls, school halls, snipers and drive by’s threaten suburb walls, read more »

Suspended upon the limbs and branches of society hangs a self destructive, taut line of inhuman power,

Bound within an illusion of glory and grace on the living tree of mankind,

Crossing a river of uncounted souls, holding on to the hope of a shared love without the fall of color, history nor gender, read more »

Quiet, uneasy rage, stirs frustrating turmoil as oppressively thick, heavy walls of screaming pressure, relentlessly build, hour upon hour, moment by moment, a slow excruciating swell of swirling molten lava, capped under the ever fragile, encrusted dome of socially accepted behavior,
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Silent, haunting, empty, statuary stare,
Blank and distant hollowed eyed tin soldier,
Attempting to search a retreated soul, disconnected from he’r shattered, broken and damaged spirit,
Worn everlastingly thin with trauma, death and abuse,
Stark emotionless shell shocked bone and nerve, held in constant motionless turmoil,
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The purpose of an A.R.C. is to provide shelter from the storm and deliver its occupants safely to a new life.

Project*A.R.C. of Humanity, (Abuse Recovery Centers) is a concept which creates a system to reduce and eventually eliminate, prison over crowding and the homeless situation. read more »


American attitudes are the equivalent of the kettle calling the pot black, as native american genocide and black american genocide is swept under the rug of denial, never publicly owning nor compensating for their actions, not even with a simple national memorial to the lives and cultures which suffered and gave so much to create the diversity of the american dreamscape.


Military Sexual Trauma = RAPED.

Wounded in Action = Maimed.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome = Mentally and Socially Unstable. read more »

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