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Those who ignore the dignity, will and power of The*People, shall each in turn meet their abdication...

Bruce Larson*Moore

One who sees only two sides of a coin, ignores the abundance of the whole and the strength and wisdom of the edge which maintains its true form.

Bruce Larson*Moore

America set sail into the unknown as the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria, built he'r self up into the Edmund Fitzgerald, arrived on the high seas as the Titanic, hit the ice berg of climate change, loaded the survivors onto the Exxon Valdez, ran aground and everyone jumped ship like rats onto the Black Pearl, now he'r only salvation or hope for rescue is to start bailing out the sinking ship, ch
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The beauty and comfort of winter, rest in the calm, stillness of he'r embrace and the warm, strength of he'r heart.

Bruce Larson*Moore

Citizens Helping Atone Our System
*Unite the Chaos*

Tenets Of Chaos

* * * *

What C.H.A.O.S. is NOT ??

C.H.A.O.S. is not a group, nor organization to support any single nation or collective.

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Do you look into a mirror each morning ?
Then you have seen the face of truth.

Do you greet your colleagues at work each day ?
Then you have greeted the work of truth.

Do you meet with friends and neighbors ?
Then you have met the companions of truth.

Do you share with family and loved ones ?
Then you have shared love with the family of truth.

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Hate is the Sign of fear, Tolerance is the Sign of courage.

Fundamentally, Baseless*Hate ignores the image it creates of itself...

Why did Hate cross the road ???

To divide a nation, a world in fear.

Why did Peace cross the road ???

To embrace the other side .... of course...

Seek not to return energy or noise, but to give light and voice... read more »

Creating a Peace*Market economy where the self regulating, moral standards of responsibility, unity, trust and peace prevail over the faulty concept of a forcefully, controlled free market system.
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Every*Flower, starts from a seed, germinating underground, feeding off the decay, warmth, wisdom and L.O.V.E. read more »

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