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If the world is an asylum, run by the inmates, there is no way to know what sanity is...

Until.... those who stand only with peace... Speak, As*One...

12*Minutes + 13*Months = World4Peace
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Life is the freedom to excel, pass or fail, the true measure of success rests within one's own personal view of that freedom.

Bruce Larson*Moore

Those who have courage to embrace change, celebrate the now, while joyfully pursuing their future, shall create true beauty, grace and loving peace for all of humanity...

Thoughts-R-Things, Words-R-Power, Actions-R-Authority...

Bruce Larson*Moore


Those who take it upon themselves to sanction unions of grace, and then ignore the responsibility of their own divinity toward others, have no moral ground upon which to oppose those who choose to accept the reality of loves truth.

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Any ensueing peace or stability gained for the few by the suffering of the many, is that in name only, thus squandering the sacrifice borne.

Bruce Larson*Moore

The victims and enemy mine, are counted one by one and honored upon the same field of regret, beside the loved ones harmed with identical pain, suffering and sorrow met, will this act of memorial, for but a single day, have any meaning to heal the loss of millions upon millions, gathering in the dust of history lost, changed and rewritten to cover the tracks of genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder, read more »

One who denies a reality which others are willing to kill and die for, simply weakens their own ability to alter that reality.

Bruce Larson*Moore


Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, thus are created the attendants of truth.

Bruce Larson*Moore

The dawn of a new day, a kinder more gentle way, a moment of compassion, trust and understanding, a chance to shift reality is but a single thought, a few words and the simple action of forgiveness away...

L.O.V.E. - Rulz

Lesson, Opportunity, Variety, Evolution...

Respect, Regard, Relevance, Resolution...

Bruce Larson*Moore

One who seeks a healthy reality, allows that hope leads the spirit, trust leads the heart, reason leads the mind, action leads the body while evidence draws the being...

Bruce Larson*Moore

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