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Forever seems so long, long ago,

Traveling through eons of celestially, shadowed snow,

Mist covered, temporal glens, rolling, arcane hills,

Fog laden, spiritual sea’s, countless waves of mystical humanity,

Esoteric moments, held precious and close,

Oracular, enigmatic burdens carried, without boast,
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Close your eyes and tell*me what you see,

Now open your eyes and listen to thee,

You once were blind, yet now you*see, a world of light and harmony,

Offering miracles of life and liberty, to all who share its true identity,

An amazing product of achievement an outstanding example of,

Respect, Regard, Relevance, Resolution
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Judged through color and breed, based upon handling by greed and a few bad seeds,

A life yet complete, nor given the chance to share the love of which it is so replete,

Caught between policy and intolerance, supporters muzzled by legal wrangling,
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Growing*Up is for wannabes, Growing*Old is for underachievers, Growing*Wise is for the courageous, Growing*Humble is highly recommended and commendable ;)

Bruce Larson*Moore


The dark cancerous spot, lodged within the underbelly of success, oozing vile tendrils upon unsuspecting wretch,

Throbbing to a different miscreant beat, lacking charity, compassion or even a semblance of regret,
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Smile ;) for the world is a better place, thanx in part to M*J, and now its left to us, to make it better... Heal the World... RIP*Michael...

Bruce Larson*Moore

Angels walk among us, as we look to the heavens, for salvation.... and so it is left to us, to heal the world... RIP*Farrah...

Bruce Larson*Moore


Shall*We, Let rest another child, who's innocence falls beneath Hate and Fear,

Shall*We, Trust in Gods plan, or Shall*We, see that man raised this hand,

Shall*We, Honor all The*Fallen, or Shall*We wait for thousands more to*be taken by our hand,

Shall*We, Stand With*Peace or Shall*We, stand with man...

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Weapon Of Choice

Cycling through hate and fear, rolling dogma from tongue to tongue, crushing childhood joys, smothering memories and hope of shared community and lives filled with love and harmless toys,
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