Facts... Trayvon Martin stood his legal ground in self defence while making the mistake of bringing Skittles to a gun fight which George Zimmerman pursued... The victim here is every individual who must confront these conditions every day of their lives, the true criminal is the political, religious and corporate society which refuses to do anything meaningful to prevent the situation from existing.

Ponder the FINAL results of a social system built upon Fear TheOther, Kill TheOther...

Blah - Blah - Blah, Them -vs- Us, How's that working so far ??

Your global economy's in near collapse, your moral authorities almost completely eroded, your planetary resource's pillaged and exploited beyond redemption, you've been at war for thousands of years...

Using myths and lies to justify the exploitation of others and the theft of their resources...

Perhaps SOON you will be ready for Real*Solutions to the global ignorance and insanity of mankind ??

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