Those who take it upon themselves to sanction unions of grace, and then ignore the responsibility of their own divinity toward others, have no moral ground upon which to oppose those who choose to accept the reality of loves truth.


Those who are willing to send their children to kill and die in battle, have little or no moral ground upon which to oppose those who choose to abort an unwanted pregnancy.


Those who would torture and heinously violate the divine creation of truth will suffer a wrath equal to and beyond their own actions.

* * * *
Religion, just as science is based upon historical data, interpreted narrative, conjecture, and faith in chosen theories, therefore they differ only in content and reliability of current information, none of which is sufficient to give credence to either discipline beyond recognition of their ability and desire to kill and die for their belief in saving the world...

Atheism, Science, Religion all saving the world from each and the other, all destroying the world within the process, unable and unwilling to see any truth beyond their own delusion and denial of the responsibility... their individual power holds, toward another...

Opposing forces locked in conflict, eventually destroy themselves, cooperative energies embracing change, ultimately assimilate the best of the other, creating new possibilities and probabilities that benefit all...

The mountain does not resist the sea, it gives a few grains of sand to each wave, just as the sea does not attempt to claim the entire mountain at once, but simply offers to carry some of the weight, a few grains at a time, thus is co-created a beautiful beach which joins each with the other for the benefit of all...

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fear = Instability

Respect, Regard, Relevance, Resolution = Balance

Bruce Larson*Moore

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