The hand of man has laid heavy century after century,
upon earths natural harmony,

Leveling a violent, abusive, methodical destruction of monotony across the plains and heavens, over its peaks, valleys and into the depths of he'r waters, decimating every corner of nest and lair, thinning species after species to the limit of recovery and beyond, spilling caustic toxins into every layer of life sustaining ecology,

This long dwindling prosperity, managed into narrow corridors of deceptive freedom, struggling, bound with invisible choking mists, slides silently toward an abyss of no return,

Yet even through every ratchet of the rack, each drop of the guillotine, every noose closed, nature continues to offer he’r very best, while demanding only the same in return,

There is a price to pay for redemption, harm done is to be balanced by deeds of atonement, this is the process which mankind is now committed to, a covenant of healing, for this planet and all he’r inhabitants must thrive in harmony, if any are to live in the healthy, peaceful perpetuity of humanities conscious awareness, of the greater good...

Peace All*Ways

N.O.W. is Our*Time to create a peaceful exchange, to build...

The Age of Compassion


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