History is of course always written by the victorious, and so today the Global Peace Congress issued its year 2100 edition of the history of the First World Peace.

The e-book which was instantly shared with the world population is a stirring account of the many individual, group and national stories which played such a pivotal role in the creation of humanities finest 11th hour, the global development of security and cooperation through the many creative avenues of Strength, Unity and the use of Peaceful Change.

The text which topped the Most Shared List within hours of its release, of course gave minor mention in an opening foot note, of the failed efforts of former US president George Walker Bush, and the many members of his administration, commonly known today as the fundamental leadership of the former USA Republican Guard, as being a significant factor in the demise of the democratic resolve to control global wealth and development.

Stating quite simply "George W. Bush the Sacrificial Leader of the early 21st century was instrumental in the collapse of the Robber Baron Era of greed and corruption by being the most bold and arrogant of all those past, ruthless individuals".

The popularity of these brave and fortunate accounts of selfless giving to the world community have for nearly a hundred years been standard fare in schools and higher educational centers throughout the globe and will most likely continue to be for generations to come.

CC - Bruce Larson*Moore
Free World Press.now


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another footnote

Did you see a few pages down where it said Mr. Bush, once out of office and realizing in horror the detriment caused, became one of the most powerful instruments in the collapse of the Robber Baron Era? The world has never since seen such a painfully public process of self destruction, redemption and renewal! I think the Dalai Lama played more than a little part in encouraging that process along.

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