How many more 2 billion dollar stealth bombers does the world need ?

How many more billion dollar stealth fighters ?

How many multi billion dollar stealth submarines ?

How many more years of spending to recover the military machine and man power from useless, wasteful war should WE pay for ?

How many more countries should WE spend trillions upon trillions of our grandchildren's, children's money on to bomb and rebuild ?

How many more Homeland Security dollars shall be wasted on Clown Shows and Tractor Pulls ?

How many years should WE wait to build schools, hospitals, storm shelters and homes made of proper materials for their natural locations ?

How many more cities and lives should WE sacrifice to natural devastation and be unable, unwilling to rebuild ?

How many more next generation nuclear war heads are the lives of our loved ones worth ?

How many more precious lambs should WE sacrifice ?

How many more decades do WE allow this waste to continue ?

Imagine this World creating The HE(ART) of Peace . . .


P.eople - E.verywhere - A.ll - C.aring - for - E.verything

Only a leader who is willing to risk succeeding, has the courage and strength to stand with peace, for there is no failure within The HE(ART) of Peace, only The Art of War can lead one to fail.

To follow the path of peace requires a leader willing to risk succeeding.

Imagine a leader who would ask US, How many more ?

The Last*War

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