America has No Right what so ever to be mounted on its self righteous, white hat, cowboy horse, spin machine pointing its accusing one fingered victory salute at Iran for supplying weapons to the Iraq Resistance Coalition.

If Canada or Mexico was invaded the United States would be doing the exact same thing, in an attempt to control regional influence, to secure its borders and to aid the Canadians in affecting the outcome of the conflict.

America has a long and continued history of supplying deadly covert aid and weapons to Corrupt Regime's and until the United States signs on to fully support the numerous International treaties, accords and doctrines which agree to put control onto such political, social and environmental actions, it has No Right to point its bullying finger of accusation at any other nation in the school yard.

Grow Up and take responsibility for your past, present and future actions.

Everyone in the world knows America started this fight and how the failed covert and corrupt actions of the United States have long had their dirty hands in the thick of conflicts which result in the death and destruction of millions of people and countless squandered resources.

Admit the failure and folly of making war to create peace, even a 6 year old child knows the difference, seems a 6 year old president could be as intelligent ?

Peace is The*Way Forward

There is no certainty in the words of a leader, a prophet, nor even those of God, the certainty of all rests in their actions.

One who lacks the strength to stand with peace, needs only the courage to stand behind those who do not.

and so we*continue, lesser for that which we have been and are, yet greater in the knowing of what we could possibly be.

©Bruce Larson Moore
The Last*War

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