Fuzzy wuzzy hope and change, how’s that working Mr. Brains,

Divide and conquer is the rule, don’t you get Avatar, Mr. Cool-Fool,

Lesson here son, boy oh boy, watch how fear, hate and ridicule runs and runs a party packing guns,

Prompted by the tele tubby thing, old school cheats work just as well, cause high school cheerleaders win hands down, when 2012 comes to town,

It’s Black it’s White, We-Rule the night, when all you have is hope and dreams, cause we’ve bought and paid for all the false profits intolerant screams,

Preaching to the choir, that's our game, so don’t think you can just walk in here and change a thing, cause Boy Oh Boy, WE hold all the brass rings.

Unite the C.H.A.O.S.

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