Woman of Peace Award for Lennox


Singer Annie Lennox has been presented with this year's woman of peace honour at a summit of Nobel Peace Laureates which took place in Berlin.
The former Eurythmics star scooped the prestigious prize for her work raising awareness of HIV and Aids.
Lennox, 54, has raised $2m (£1.2m) since 2003 with her charitable campaign Sing, which provides South Africans with treatment and testing.


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she deserve it

A person like Annie Lennox deserve to give some honor for the good deed she has done. Her unselfish acts will really help many people. Nowadays it's very rare to find someone like her because whether we admit it or not, the reality is we do work just only for ourselves. I mean some people look for more than one jobs in order to earn lots of money only for themselves. It only shows selfishness. It's not yet too late to change. I hope Annie Lennox will serve as inspiration to all of us.

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