My name is Natalie, I just found this site today. I received the welcome
email encouraging me to introduce myself so I am.

I am not very experienced at writing or navigating on a blog so please
excuse any awkwardness.

I am changing and learning how to be Pro Peace rather than Anti War.
There is such a profound difference too me.

I will take some time to read the content here, I appreciate everyone
who has contributed. If I have anything worthy to share I will.

Thank you for being here.


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The boy's and girl's name Natalie \n(a)-ta-lie\ is pronounced NAT-a-lee. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "birthday". Refers to the birthday of Christ, or Christmas.

one of my*fav, names ;)



Hey Nat,
I just contribute the energy of my movement and sometimes, i don't correct typing errors, and you already have contributed, no judgment, no evaluation, no grade, just let it flow, you never know if you contribute, is something or not, already you have contributed, without knowing. A delight and smile, a flaming candle of humanity. We are all as one, committed to humanity.

Hi, Natalie! So nice to see

Hi, Natalie!

So nice to see your post. My name is Lynn and I am new too. This site has such a great purpose and it's great to have you join this community. Hope to hear your thoughts in the future. Peace to you!



Hi Natalie, so glad you found us. Welcome!

I agree, there is a profound difference between anti-war and propeace. What do you see as the difference? What is causing you to change?

You will find this community a quiet place of reflection, with people who are taking steps in their own lives to evolve a world that works for everybody. Feel free to contribute in any way you are moved to.


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