A fallen Hero

Last week as I sat waiting for a presciption to be filled at a Veterans Hospital, I encountered a young man not even 30 who had lost both his legs. while waiting a news blurbcame on about how people were so against this WAR. My heart went out to this young man as he sat there with tears in his eyes not believing in what he was hearing. He probably felt what the hell did I sacrifice my 2 legs for. Like vietnam this WAR has taken a severe price for all. We are now feeling the price financially with the price of Gasoline skyrocketing. But others like this young man have been and will forever pay the price for WAR. I also am an amputee I only lost my left foot. But sometimes I often wonder was it necessary or could the politicians have found a way to compromise. With our President taking presumptive action against the new era of politicians I wonder how the bush family sleeeps at night. We have had 2 bushes in the whitehouse and 2 wars in the middle east. Are we a nation that only believes that war is the only necessary evil. Global dominance is also another issue. Do we really need to control everything that happens in the world. I live in a military town right next to Fort Hood Texas. even our Soldiers are tired of constant deployments to Iraq an afganistan. It's high time that people in positions of authority think about the whole picture this war is pursueing. WHEN WILL IT END MR. PRESIDENT. PEACE AND LOVE OF ONE ANOTHER IS THE KEY TO OUR PETTY DIFFERENCES.


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Alternate service/military madness

I lived next to Ft. Hood (in Copperas Cove) for a year while I was "visiting" my mom and helping her take care of some Apts, mostly filled with Army guys who beat their wives and girlfriends and destroyed the property. I don't remember how many times we had to call some guy's Commanding Officer to report those guys. But that's the mentality they give you until it's too late and you are killed, maimed or become mentally deranged. A few make it home sane and intact. I hope you are one of the lucky ones and I admire your compassion for your brother in the VA. I refused to serve in Vietnam and was convicted as a felon but also a CO and did alternate service teaching deaf-blind kids in a mental hospital in Cal. We need a better way to serve our benighted country than military madness. Peace be with you in your life, Bro.

I'm glad you found your way

I'm glad you found your way to propeace.net, loetoy. Your empathy for the man in the pharmacy was poignantly moving to me, and when I read your story above and your private message (which I will answer soon, I promise), I wondered what it would have taken for you to act on your feelings and reach out to that man and greet him as a brother. Perhaps the enormity and futility of his loss was a too-painful reminder of your own?

I know that it takes more than enormous courage to do what I'm asking - it also takes preparation and the support of others in your situation. I hope you will go to Veterans Against the Iraq War and get that support and preparation because I know how much you will gain by sharing your gift with others. Yes, I said gift! And yes, you will gain as much as you give!

While it is true that your sacrifice wasn't really for your country's safety like you were told, it was not in vain because you now have a special power that activists with both feet who have never been to war are lacking. I join the rest of those who want an end to the insanity of imperialist and corporatist war in gratitude for your attitude!

Editor, propeace.net

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