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Last week as I sat waiting for a presciption to be filled at a Veterans Hospital, I encountered a young man not even 30 who had lost both his legs. while waiting a news blurbcame on about how people were so against this WAR. My heart went out to this young man as he sat there with tears in his eyes not believing in what he was hearing. He probably felt what the hell did I sacrifice my 2 legs for. read more »

What everybody really hates to talk about is politics and religion.
these are tabu subjects for many. As a Catholic I can understand that we all are unique in our own way. Muslims have allah, other call him by jehova ,jesus christ ,God and other such worthy names. read more »


With all the hatred and rage going on betweenthe sect's of the muslim religion I believe it is time for the religous leaders of the world to step in. Since this war has started there has been controversy over contreversy. We have been lied to by our own government. This same government has said it is an idealogical war(whatever that means) We must all understand that we are only human and to embrace each others ideas and differences as our uniqueness as being children of God. read more »

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