In Stillness Have I Watched

In stillness have I watched the goings-on around me.
In silence I have listened to voices which surround me.
I've pondered. I've waited while time has passed on by.
I've wondered why believed be the blatant lie.
Epitomized in castle keep where Truth lies in neglect
And calumnized are innocents we've failed to protect.
The Castle-keeper, millstone 'round his neck, tied
For all the Anawim misled, abused, had died.

Taps! Play Taps for all now dead,
Eulogized and fantasized, empty words are said
O'er scant remains on barren land - no one
Wants what's left, for all had come undone.
A flag! A flag - unfurl Love upon a flag,
One on which a weary soul could brag,
That unifies diversity, the earth be treasured home
Where in Peace and Hope all mingle and may roam.

© 2007 JDHuss. All rights reserved.

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