Carnage Reigns
Missiles, Planes
Scourge the Earth
Scuttle Birth
Bombs Grow Flames

Town and Village
Rape and Pillage
Foul the Water
Kill Son and Daughter
Exalt Blood Spillage

Nuke the Soil
Grab the Spoil
Level Each Town
All Fall Down
All for Oil

Innocents Die
Madmen Lie
Soldiers Wild
Kill each Child
Generations Cry

Which the Curse
How Much Worse -
Bombers' Dust
Or Autos' Lust
Count Each Hearse

Temperatures Rise
Nature Dies
We'll Come to Know
That Which We Sow
For Radiation Flies

Radiation Flies
Mushroom Size
Across the Earth
Killing Birth
Death Multiplies

© 2006. JDH. All rights reserved.

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