Cow's Gone A-tippin'

Oh, tip the sacred cow
Melt down the golden calf
Erase the face of fear
till all are free to laugh.

Then shall come the day
when all we know of pain
is that jiggling of the belly,
of laughter become strained.

Tears mingle in such laughter
For laughter is the Rule,
sacred ever after,
And all are Jester's Fool.

Human Nature needs a sidekick
to whip it into shape,
an idol to cajole and trick -
Like stars upon it's cape?

Let's make a master of the ploy,
a model all will follow,
and fashion for each girl and boy
some lessons they will swallow.

Sacred cow's gone a-tipping,
and not the waitress, hear?
Our minds may do the flipping
but uniqueness we do fear.

Safe haven found in sameness,
all of us may find,
no risk of one's success
scratching at the mind.

Society wants a sacred cow
lest we lose the status quo
If we neglect to bow
Anarchy may grow.

Self-appointed gurus
and presidents divide
and conquer. Sing the blues
for all who died.

I want no cows or golden calves
Peace be the dream in me
Breaking bread by endless halves
make whole, diversity.

Sing again the peace songs,
ousting inbred fear,
For each idea, each soul, belongs.
Let's hold each Other dear.

Sing of Truth begetting Peace
Sing of Love and healing hands
Above all war, let Hope increase
Until Peace fills all People's lands.

© 2006 jdh

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