An Statement of LACIS and FPEN

Nuclear Non-Proliferation,
Mankind's Life Insurance

Maintaining the nuclear non-proliferation regime is essential, both for world peace and stability and for the survival of humankind. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (known internationally by its English abbreviation NPT), has become one of the fundamental mechanisms for solving the main security problems affecting the world, declared in Mexico City the Latin American Circle for International Studies (LACIS) and the Fundación por la Paz en la Era Nuclear (FPEN), affiliated to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF).
This is why the NPT signatories must unequivocally comply with the commitments assumed when they ratified it, without alleging or inventing exceptions or excuses. These commitments include the freedom to conduct science and technology research relating to the generation and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, without any possibility of discrimination on political, ideological or strategic grounds, said Luis Gutiérrez Esparza, Predident of the LACIS and the FPEN.
In fact, NPT places its signatories under an obligation to guarantee access to equipment, materials, scientific and technical information and knowledge in general, which contribute to the development of nuclear energy at an international level.
In view of the above, the attempts of some countries to construe the NPT as a basis on which to discriminate against non-nuclear nations and turn it into an instrument of political pressure against governments they consider hostile or simply undesirable are inadmissible.
The United States has become the main and most flagrant culprit of the deterioration of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime. Not only did Washington refuse to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), but it is also actively preparing new nuclear weapons devices, such as bunker busters and other low power devices.
President George W. Bush's government does not exclude the possibility of using the nuclear weapons even against countries which don't have any, such as Iraq - suspected of intending to develop them - or North Korea - which has not been proven to have any already in working order - as part of a prevention strategy, which in the American continent is threatening even Cuba and Venezuela.
In accordance with this irresponsible, war-mongering view, nuclear weapons have been reduced to the condition of acceptable combat weapons, even for low intensity conflicts. The black market for nuclear technology has thus received a very significant boost, since not only governments but also financially powerful terrorist organisations are set on not staying behind or becoming extremely vulnerable or defenceless.
The creation of nuclear weapon-free zones, such as Latin America following the Tlatelolco Treaty, would undoubtedly help strengthen the non-proliferation regime, which covers all weapons of mass destruction and areas such as Central Asia and the Middle East.
In regions such as the Middle East, nuclear non-proliferation is certainly not equivalent, as perversely spun by the United States and their allies, to disarming the disarmed, but rather to establishing the regime fairly, despite the allegations of Israel, which denies having nuclear weapons in spite of endless irrefutable evidence to the contrary.
Israel is precisely one of the countries which must sign the NPT and publicly and ascertainably commit regarding all its supplies, as well as support the establishment of an area free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, to guarantee final and permanent peace in the region.


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All Together Now

This world is a good and beautiful place, and its folks like you who will continue to make it so and who will lead the climb to peace, for peace is the way and love is the path.

What will actually happen to bring this about will be seen as very negative by most of the world, yet it is of their own making, and it is the outcome which is of higher importance.

For now is the time to know truth.

The ideals and ideas, abound, all that is lacking is the personal leadership of each individual to change their situation and this to is now coming to be more important to each one.

Baby Steps

I hear your fear, and I agree that even if there were a way to monitor ALL nations for compliance, nuclear non-proliferation is spit in the ocean when considering WMDs and their devastating impact on world peace and security. Did you know that napalm is considered a "conventional" weapon? I would take an even more radical step and ban distance weapons completely, but then even fewer countries would comply. In order to achieve peace in the world, it may be necessary to eliminate killing technology one item at a time. Nuclear weapons are as good a place as any to start on that path.

"Blue in a Red State"

nuclear non proliferation.

if any one believes that nuclear non proliferation is the key for peace and stability, he is advocating purely for US legitimacy of military superiority over the whole world. the only way for global peace and stability should be total ban on WMD including US cluster bombs and the super bombs that US is having which is equivalent to mini nuclear bombs. otherwise all the countries in the world should have nuclear arsenal.
ok US went to war with iraq for supposedly devoloping wmd under saddam's regime, and us soldiers are now exactly doing what saddam hussein's bathist henchmen were doing. killing innocent people enmass without question, destroying villages after villages for harbouring terrorists, capturing, detaining and torturing people with impunity, all exactly the same deeds that saddam hussein was doing to keep his country safe from kurdish rebels who were waging guerilla warfare to breakway from iraq.

now US is gunning for korea and iran. if 50 countries devolop, whether they are democratic or rogue states, could US take all 50 nations militarily inspite of its destuctive power equivalent to obleterate the human race from earth many times?. then every country, including US will open its eyes and agree for total ban on wmd. when many countries come on the level playing field with some sort of deterrance against agression from any quarter, then there will be peace and stability for the human race. non proliferation is non practica as manycountries(like india , pakistan) are rightfully chose to remian non participants and i will hate my country india the day it signs such a treaty.

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