What would $20BILLION do for PEACE?

Twenty BILLION dollar arms deal for Saudi Arabia? Another thirty BILLION for Israel? How on earth can anyone believe more wepons on this planet will do anything to bring peace and stability to not only the mid-east, but to the rest of the world?
How about instead spending that money on teaching tolerance, teaching nonviolent communication, teaching conflict resolution? I have to believe teaching every man, woman and child these techniques has a far greater affect on the future of our collective survival that does the building of even more weapons. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? Why are people not demanding their government invest in teaching peace? How is it the leaders of our nations would rather buy destruction than invest in peace? Perhaps they just don't know any other way? Perhaps we, the people, have not shown them there is another way. And they won't until each and every one of us speaks up. Just do it, today!

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