Peace Begins With ME -August2009

People do not like change. We do what we can to keep the status-quo, no matter how painful or difficult. Why? Because it feels comfortable, and please don't ask me to change, to do something different, because then I will be UNcomfortable.
But you know, there are those of us who find something we can no longer keep doing. We find something that we are so passionate about, we overcome that fear of change and do it anyway. We inspire those around us. Even those on the fringe, the ones who do the bizarre things. I was thinking about this with regard to Michael Jackson. I was thinking, why all the fuss? Okay he passed on, he died, but what did he ever do to change anything in society? And then I realized that indeed he did create change on a grand scale, he was not afraid to try something new. He was not afraid to be different. Okay, so he didn't outwardly work for world peace, but he did advance civil rights. He raised our consciousness by giving us "We Are The World" and "Lost Children" and "Earth Song". By doing things on the edge, by being different, he drew attention to himself and showed us that it's okay to change.
Being different is how change comes about. Not just being different, but creating a new model, a new way of doing things. One of my favorite teachers, Buckminister Fuller, said it this way - "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Add this to Gandhi's mantra of "Be the Change you wish to see in the world" and you have a powerful formula for success, a highly energized catalyst for change. Applying this to being a peace activist, I sometimes have a hard time protesting against something - I see more effect and would rather be protesting FOR something, presenting a new model, a new paradigm.
So I urge you, be different, be uncomfortable. Use your creative energy to bring about change in the world. It's a simple idea, and it can take work, so the question is, how much do we desire to change? Will we just continue with the status quo because we don't want to feel uncomfortable, or will we get in touch with that which is in our soul that is fundamental to our human existence? Michael Jackson used his music to touch our hearts and minds, to bring about change. You and I have that same ability, through our everyday actions, when Peace Begins with ME!


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Len wrote:
Okay, so he didn't outwardly work for world peace,

i*agree 99.9% with your evaluation, yet MJ did more "outwardly" to advance the cause of a World4Peace than most have done in generations of effort... As his entire life was dedicated to bringing people together, that some of his actions were tainted by others and misunderstood for their sheer audacity, is to*be expected, for as you say, "people do not like change"...

Be - The*Change

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