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Not for Nothin'

Upon the recommendation of W. S. Merwin
I've begun this poem with only the title
and no clue as to where it may go.
Not for nothin' do I write these words
and turn to look back at them, hoping
this act of reinvestigation will open
a crack in the universe through which I
might slip outside to see the whole of my life.

And so seeing, could give it a coherence that read more »

Hello everybody:
This is a recent translation of Prologue written by a friend of mine.
I wanted to share it, and if anyone is interested,
some more material in available on his web site. www.darioergas.org
in spanish, english and french.

PROLOGUE read more »

This is to fix my previous note, and to report an improved web site.
Many new supporters have come forward.
The President of Chile, The Dali Lama, Phillip Glass,
Eduardo Galeano, Lou Reed, Rev.Desmond Tutu,The Mayor of Allentown, PA.
and Tomas Hirsch, The Spokeperson for the Humanist Movement in South America. read more »

Hello Everybody:
I would like to invite all of you to visit
www.worldmarchusa.org and to join in this worldwide effort
to change our planet.

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