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Today I got a newsletter from Eckhart Tolle. He and Oprah are doing a 10-week course for free about his latest book The New Earth. This enlightened book of is an excellent read and it will absolutely expand your thinking. His first book The Power Of Now is a classic book about being a more conscious human being. read more »

Several months ago someone approached me about doing a segment on about one of my blogs: 5 Things You Can Do To Change The World. I said yes. Yesterday I got the results and I am very grateful that I said yes. read more »

Today is a day on the road. We are leaving shortly for Salt Lake City to participate in a large peace action that is happening all across the country. It is called the October 27 National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq. read more »

As you know I have been writing a lot about peace these days. I feel compelled to stimulate the dialogue about peace and a better world. I do this because I fully believe in the human capacity to live according to the higher ideals of a loving and compassionate world. These higher values and capacities are simply in waiting, ready at any time for us to call forward the best and greatest in us. read more »

I have been working on my fitness level lately because I wanted to see how fast I could run a mile. Today I ran a 5K race to get a measure for how fit I am. I set as my goal to run under 8 minutes per mile and I was successful at 7:47 per mile. The course was hilly and ended with the last ¼ mile up to the finish line and wow did that hurt to push through that. read more »

I have this part-time job that is stressful and deadening. I am about to take a leap of faith and put all my focus on my writing and my peace company. I write this journal to invite the best in you, to expand awareness, insight and consciousness, to encourage living with passion and purpose, to explore and express creativity, to teach and inspire and to spread peace, love and compassion. read more »

This statement came to me loud and clear on my run this morning. I am an ever-expanding force for peace, love and consciousness on the planet. Right away the energy and flow of my run grew stronger. I felt in my mind and heart that this is a great statement of purpose for me. I love it when the message from my inner knowing or a Higher Source is so clear. read more »

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