An invitation to follow our non-violent prudential police observation project at the Nimbin Mardi Grass 2010.

I thought my friends in the UK might want to follow the development and implementation of our pro-peace 'Civil Liberties Observer Group' at the Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival for 2010 (on the 1st and 2nd of May).

I will post the Newsletters as they are generated (along with links to the various web pages dealing with the Mardi Grass).

Mid way through the month - as we are organising our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for this project I will request our ProPeace friends in the UK to assist us with suggestions drawn from their own experience.

by James (Jim) Moylan, LEXUS Secretary. 2nd April 2010.

The Civil Liberties Observer Group for the Mardis-Grass of 2010 is a joint community action being hosted by the LEXUS Union of Students of Southern Cross University on behalf of and in partnership with the Nimbin Justice Action Group, the Mardis-Grass Organising Committee, and the Hemp Embassy of Nimbin: towards assisting in the non-violent realisation of peace and harmony via organised and informed prudential observation

all violence is counter-productive

informed observers make better coppers

better coppers make fewer arrests

Hello to all CLOG ? 2010 participants,

You are receiving this newsletter because:

you have expressed an interest in taking part in CLOG, or,
you are an officer of one of the participant organisations or,
Jim wants to rope you in but hasn't asked you yet.
The several volumes of this newsletter (sent via email and posted on-line) will:

in the lead up to the event:
assist the organising phases of CLOG by listing and publicising key dates,
list the final ten 'field team' members ('the best of the best'),
publicise the identity and roles of the CLOG team members,
publicise the 'Rules of Engagement' governing the project,

during the event:
will host information on our observations in real time (or very near - stay posted)
and provide a wrap up of our activities and assessments (in brief) at the close of each day.

after the event:
will host pictures and commentary by the team members
will feature a guest commentary by the Cannabis Goddess regarding peace, love, and righteous indignation,
and will host the final report on the event which will also be made available to the NSW Civil Liberties Council, the NSW Ombudsman (Police), the Members of Parliament (NSW and Federal) for the region.

What has happened so far?

1. On the 10th November 2009 the LEXUS association agreed to consider a proposal by a consortium of interested parties that they provide a ‘Civil Liberties Observer group’ to assist the Mardis-Grass organising committee in managing a perceived potential for civil liberties infringements to be committed by overzealous policing.

Having received legal advice from informed sources regarding the best form that such an observer group might take, a proposal document was prepared to assist parties in substantiating such a group.

2. It was proposed that the group might consist of:
o 10 core team members
o who are University students currently studying law at SCU
o or officers of participant organisations

3. The following parties were briefed by email or letter regarding the proposal:
The NSW Council for Civil Liberties,
The Mardis-Grass Organising Committee,
The Management Committee of LEXUS,
The President of the Hemp Embassy, Nimbin.

4. On the 26th April, the matter was considered by the Mardis-Grass Organizing Committee in concert with James Moylan and Nathan Apps of LEXUS and Michael Balderstone of the Hemp Embassy.

5. The Committee thanked LEXUS and requested that LEXUS commence consolidating a Rules of Engagement Manual for the event.

6. It was further agreed that the proposed Civil Liberties Observer group would be provided:
o facilities and resources (office space, camping area, kitchen facilities)
o full entry passes for all events
o official t-shirts
o training in the form of two meetings prior to the event.

7. Nathan Apps (LEXUS President) was tasked by LEXUS with liaison duties.

8. James Moylan (LEXUS Secretary) was designated Project Organiser (pre-event).

9. Frank Moylan (LEXUS brother) has agreed to be a designated driver for the team (big cheers).

10. Tee-Shirts, and tee shirt printing have been sorted by Nathan (big cheers).

What happens next?

If you are a student from SCU: you have been selected for inclusion within the CLOG core team - congratulations - you are obviously one of the best of the best.

If you would like to be a part of this project please reply to this email with a short note containing:

Your name
Your course of study
Your phone number and preferred email
Your shirt size (really)

Tomorrow (Friday) the Mardi-Grass organising committee will be informed that CLOG ? 2010 is coming to the party.

The CLOG ? 2010 NEWSLETTER VOL2 will be distributed at the end of next week – it will contain an interim list of personnel and a timetable for meetings and the event.

Individuals will be contacted by email during the week.

Have a great Easter,

Stay tuned…

CLOG ? 2010 - a community civil rights project being hosted by the LEXUS Union of Students

If you would like more information about this project please contact:
or visit the Civil Liberties Observer Group:
or the MardiGrass Home Page:

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