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I thought my friends in the UK might want to follow the development and implementation of our pro-peace 'Civil Liberties Observer Group' at the Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival for 2010 (on the 1st and 2nd of May).

I will post the Newsletters as they are generated (along with links to the various web pages dealing with the Mardi Grass).

Mid way through the month - as we are organising our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for this project I will request our ProPeace friends in the UK to assist us with suggestions drawn from their own experience. read more »

...however we order our varied loyalties, we should still be sure that we recognize the worth of human life wherever it occurs and see ourselves bound by common human abilities and problems to people who lie at a great distance from us.
– Martha Nussbaum.

A particular representation might be valid. ‘Affront’ or ‘outrage’ might be a rational reaction. Actual harm may have been inflicted on real people and the reporting may be entirely trustworthy. But we must not allow the quickening of our blood to override rationality.

I do not advocate an absence of moral sensibility, rather a proactive hesitance to suffer offence, for if we are to ever become true ‘citizens of the world’ we must first learn to employ a new language, a new rhetoric, within our everyday lives. read more »

Can my reimagining of the self and social ever be anything other than a constant reinterpretation of the colonial experience?

"The eternal soundtrack of the denuded paddock remains, for me, the sound of that distant rabbit screaming in exquisite agony." read more »

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