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Dear Peaceteam, February 3, 2008
Please read my letter to the below. Then please pass this on to your mailing list! I support our cause and want to put it in action. Please click on the signature link at the bottom of this email to see my other writings. We can reclaim our nation for WE THE PEOPLE! read more »


Please realize my platform is not like Ron Paul, by JIM ELLIS/Fa1thful1! read more »

Re: A new Re-evolution of American politics by Jim Ellis for "We The People"

Dont worry my friends! We are all getting wiser!, I just think we were optimistically hoping some of our politicians werent bad! Now we know we can take charge and change things for the better! read more »

The email below is from Senator Edwards Campaign staff. Yesterday Fox news said Dick(head of Halliburton) Cheney threatened Congress with a "Day of Reckoning" if they didnt pass the bill to let telecom companies off the hook!!?? Its time to give Cheney a day of reckoning!

Dear James,

When it comes to protecting the rule of law, words are not enough. We need action. read more »

Archemedes designed a system that took parabolic mirrors and focused them into what he called a death ray to burn through wooden hull ships. Myth busters tried... but at least reached a 700 degree celsius beam, that if we combined his ray with his spinning globe steam engine it will become the "Ellis Peace Ray". read more »


That's Right ! Jim Ellis Is Running For President For Free! So He Must Be Good! (How is that for a play on a slogan?)
Ever wonder what happens to those millions that candidates collect for campaigns? Even after all ten, or more,... for one office.... drop out of the race? read more »

The simplest way to create peace is to remove the profit from War. What happened to the days when we never sold arms, instead of being the worlds largest exporter of military arms? Why are private contractors running amuck in Iraq and allegedly creating "sectarian violence" and insurgencies by blowing up mosques, as alleged to be reported in Arab press reports. Why? read more »

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