Who I am. Who am I?


PEACE- Why would anyone want anything else than to live in peace and harmony wiht their fellow man? Live and let live. What a boring place the world would be if we were all the same. And yet every day many of us judge and condemn individuals for the very differences that make this world such a beautiful place. Why? These people have much to learn and i pity them.WAR-I'm sure at some point all of us have experienced physical and or emotional pain. How did this make you feel? I'll tell you how, it sucked! To whittingly bring harm upon others is horrible. Our goal should be to help others not harm them. Anyone who would bring harm to others needs help themselves for they are truely lost. RACE- Why do we put so much stock in this? Both pride and prejudice alike. Why is this so important to us? I don't care who you are or where you came from, we all much each day arise and face this great mystery we call life. Is this not enough? We should be not proud or biggoted. We should be humble. Once again I must stress what a boring world it would be were we all the same. Is that what it would take for us to set aside our petty differences? I truely hope not. I for one like variety, it is the spice of life. THE WORLD- We hold in our hands the greatest gift imaginable, an entire planet to shape in any direction we choose. If there is anything that history has shown us it,s that the unimaginable is possible. How will you help to shape our world? Will you help to make it a better plaace for all, ending hunger, hatred, and suffering. Or will you help to destroy it? RELIGION- With the exception of a few we all believe in something. Does it really matter what? We should celebrate our beliefs with togetherness. Because in the end there is no wrong or right there is only the willingness to believe. Some call this faith. LIFE- I do not claim to have any answers. In fact, in life, I myself am quite lost and searching for those answers to questions we would have been better off not to ask in the first place. But I do know this : LIfe is the persuit of happiness. For what greater persuit is there than that of happiness? CLOSING THOUGHTS- I think that in the end I am an Idealist. I know that there is both good and evil in this world. An while i do not claim to understand the reasoning behind the latter I've come to ask myself this. If ther were no evil in this world would we recognize and appreciate good? Knowing this has helped me to find my place in this world. I have come to realize that I am good and only wish to bring further good upon this world. I hope that this does not sound too arrogant or vain, for I know it only for what it is, and that is how I feel. Peace to all.

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