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I have been looking for a web community about peace, and it seems that I have finally found it. I am interested in nonviolence as a way of life and in nonviolence action as a technique for political activism.


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We've had this conversation before, but perhaps the time is ripe to get it back to front and center position. I believe that the best way to spread peace and nonviolence is through the arts, especially in connection with celebration. So when you're engaged in nonviolent actions, whether civil disobedience or silent vigil, take your fist down out of the air and put a smile on your face. Take it to the streets in celebration. Share your song, dance, food, beauty, and bliss. You will catch more flies with honey, they say.



Hi Hugo, welcome to the site!

In fact, "pushing nonviolence" is probably an oxymoron. Nonviolence is a possibility that arises out of maturation of the soul. It arises from within, at its own time and in a manner unique to the individual. Like other virtues such as kindness, generosity and humility, it manifests more as a practice than an attainment.

Given that, what might be the best way to spread nonviolence?



Hopefully I will be able to discuss nonviolence a lot here. I try to spread it out to others, but I understand that pushing too hard to soon may turned them off from it :)


Greetings Hugo

A warm welcome !

silent lotus

" May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears." ..... silent lotus

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