Creating a worldwide peace environment begins with us

I'm a doctor, mainly retired, who has just had my new book published, "The Peace Prescription; Five Key Steps We Can Take to Prevent Wars". It is based on my experience helping people for years with behavioral issues causing illness, and on my having learned that advocating or initiating violence is the most serious and dangerous of all human behavioral disorders.

If the majority of us, who want peace, can manage the behavior of violence of the minority, wars can be prevented. Below are a couple of those Five Steps. I'd love to have your opinion.

For example: Every school around the world should have a Bully control Committee, comprised of parents, teachers, and students. If bullies and their parents can be counseled, and otherwise managed at young ages, they will not grow up to be gang leaders in the United States, and even military dictators in some countries.

The student who did the 30+ murders, and suicide, at Virginia Tech had been identified a year earlier by his English professor, from that student's scary writings, as a serious threat, but because there was no law under which he could be ordered evaluated by a court, regarding his constituting a serious threat to himself and others, nothing was done. A Peace Law, providing a method for such court-ordered interventions, could have saved lives. Sometimes therapy can help normalize or help the person who poses the threat of violence. The police asked the Professor, "Has he killed anyone yet?" The answer was, "No", so nothing could be done.

The Peace Law, needed everywhere, but existing nowhere, would make it illegal for anyone to seriously advocate or to initiate violence against any person or group for any reason. It's not a free speech issue. It's a public safety issue. The US Supreme Court ruled that a person falsely yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater, which resulted in injuries from panic and trampling, was guilty of causing those injuries and was guilty of endangering public safety, and was not just exercising the right to "free speech". Should that person be able to get up in the theater and yell, "Let's right now go kill all the Christians", or "Jews", or "Muslims", or "atheists"?

Check out Let's all be part of the solution.


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I wanted to share with you a worldwide action that just started. It called the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. There are two web sites, in the US its and internationally
I know these links don't work here on this site, but please let me know what you think?

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