We Must Stop the War in Iraq and take back our government!!!


We are at a vital crossroads in human history. Nobody could have predicted that in our lifetime we would see the end of history as we know it. We are on a collision course with annilation of the human race. STOP. You might be thinking that this is overreaching and the words of a lunatic.
Look around you. What do you see? Aren't the lunatics making foreign policy if that is what you are so generous to call it? When that day five years ago arrived and we were attacked by vicious people who killed 3000 of our civilians in cold blood we had the sympathy and
cooperation of most of the peoples of the world. They would be prepared to back us and join us in an attempt to solve the growing problem of terrorism.
Five years later we are fighting a war in Iraq that has nothing to do with terrorism but is wasting so much of our human treasure and our
wealth. We are being challenged by radicals in Iran and Syria in their quest to gain nuclear power and control the Middle East. We are worried about terrorists attacking again.
Mindless killing in Iraq produced more terrorists than anyone could have imagined. It is almost as if someone in the inner circle of the President's staff was working for Osama Bin Laden. We handed him just what he wanted on a silver plate. The world hates us. The President can't travel anywhere without thousands of people marching against him and the United States. That was not the case at any time in the history of our country. We had enemies. But we were never so isolated. We were never so unimaginative in the use of our power. In fact, we showed the world that our power can be misused by an inept and incompetent few to kill, maim, and destroy.
How are the Middle Eastern countries going to use their oil as a weapon against us? How are we going to regain our advantage militarily when we are stretched to limit and our President cannot admit a mistake an change course. His manra is "Stay the Course" and whatever that means the result is the same: death and destruction.
All of us must find the people who are true leaders and elect them to positions of power. We must not let the corporations complete their silent takeover of the government and, thereby, our democracy. The banks are charging record rates to let us borrow money and are using the most underhanded tactics to extract our wealth by fees, default fees, and other vicious mechanisms.
Iraq is a symbol of the fact that the will of the people in this country and overseas is completely ignored by a handful of powerful people who are gaining something for themselves.

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hands off Iran!

Should the United States sit in Judgement of the world and decide who can have a modern military and who can't?
Are we to punish Iran like the ancient greek gods punished Prometheus for stealing fire?

It is bigotry to oppose Iran's Nuclear ambitions just because it is governed by a hereditary Islamic Theocracy.

We need to look at Iran's promise to wipe Israel off the map, and set Tel Aviv ablaze in context. It's just harmless Hyperbole.

The Soviet Union threatened to bury us once,,,and everything turned out fine

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