B9 virus mutation emerges from City of Peace

**WARNING** B9 Virus (also known as the "benign" virus) epidemic is causing massive outbreaks of peace. B9 is very contagious, especially among young children and the elderly. The most common means of transmission are hugs in excess of 20 seconds in length, and peace symptoms are also suspected of coming from long walks on ocean beaches or in deep mountain forests. Individual symptoms include difficulty in dominating other people, willingness to listen for long periods without interrupting, and forgetting to lock the house, as well as spontaneous outbursts of joyful singing and tears of gratitude. An epidemic may be indicated by improved learning in schools, shortages of workers, empty jails, and closure of military recruiting offices. Government epidemiologists say control is impossible, since the B9 virus will disassemble the DNA of fear media-cations with laughter. The prognosis is for long-term chronic peace to dissolve political and national boundaries, blend the races into one soft brown color, and marginalize the use of currency as a representation of value. The B9 virus is very dangerous to the status quo and should be treated with respect.

Eugene City of Peace



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David Hazen wrote:
The B9 virus is very dangerous to the status quo and should be treated with respect.

C.H.A.O.S. - Reports are now coming in from around the world, confirming the spread of the B9 virus, and what appears to*be a new symptom or perhaps even an advanced strain mutation.

The courageously peace enveloped individuals and groups are displaying a peace heart sign, and even taking to the streets with chalk to spread their message, by placing peace hearts at every intersection, crosswalk, bus stop and parking lot they encounter.

Free Hug events are now flourishing everywhere, a living breathing Free*Hugs-Mummy was even reported, seen offering free hugs to the wary and cautious, yet enthusiastically infected crowds, while also handing out peace heart sticky notes to wear on their shirts.

It is obvious to this reporter that there may be no stopping this new and more powerful symbol and strain of the B9 virus, from spreading to the entire world, as it embodies the very essence and intrinsic nature of the overall effects and desires of the peace movement.

This could be the key that all like minded people around the world have been seeking to Unite the C.H.A.O.S. moving toward world peace.

Only time will tell, if we are truly ready to embrace the Heart4Peace...

Creating a true World4Peace...


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