Who is YOUR Peace Hero?

The following is a piece that has been submitted to the project, "One Million Peace Signs" as an answer to their call for folks to identify "Peace Heroes". I've asked that they publish the submission sometime this week, since the peace ride begins on Friday. Here's a preview for you folks.

Alix Bryan (a.k.a P.E.A.C.E Scooter, a.k.a Scooter Girl) (http://www.peacescooter.com) of Charlottesville, VA is my Peace Hero. Last year, she quit her job, put herself into debt and climbed on her scooter to “put Peace on the map.” What that meant to Alix was an 11,000 mile ride (originally estimated at 9,000) over the span of 13 weeks (originally estimated at 8) on 10 inch tires, riding 4 inches from the ground to ask people all over the US “How do you define Peace? How do you teach it to your children?”

She was inspired while visiting an art exhibit where she saw a quote by a John Lennon which read, “If a billion people were thinking about peace, there would be peace in our world.” About 40 days later, she hit the road to find the truth in that statement. She set out to make a documentary, and wound up making a bunch of friends and a big difference.
Alix called the ride P.E.A.C.E Scooter (A Patriot’s Exhibition Advancing Community and Environmentalism, on a Scooter) She didn’t take a political message with her, or a predetermined notion of what the “right” answers to her questions were. She did take genuine curiosity, minimal gear, and the least detrimental form of motorized transportation to put both of those to work-- at about 55miles an hour and 90miles(!) per gallon.
Her route started on July 15th at the White House and traced the inside of a peace sign on the US map. When it ended on October 13th at the Bush ranch in Crawford Texas, with a warm welcome from the Crawford Peace House (and CNN) Alix said, “but it doesn’t end here.” And she meant it—she ’s hitting the road again this year to ride 9,000 more miles (count ‘em up folks, that’s 20,000 miles in all), put the perimeter on the peace sign, and ask people to join her in defining peace. She says, “Defining Peace is how I believe we can create a wave of awareness in our world…I believe more Peace will occur when people define it, become it, and teach it.”
Alix maintained a blog and a Flickr account during her ride and continues to share her journey at www.peacescooter.com. This year she hopes to meet up and work with other peacemakers and mow a lawn into a peace sign in every state! She will also be helping to raise funds for Peace organizations. She says, “This ride is a tribute to those working for Peace and an invitation to everyone to think about Peace with me.” She will continue blogging-this year with video blogs too. Her website recently got a makeover and some neat new features, including an interactive map which lets people sponsor sections of the peace sign. The majority of every dollar raised will be given to peace organizations such as the Peace Alliance.
Yes, but is she a Republican or a Democrat? It doesn’t matter. In fact, I had hundreds of conversations online and on the phone with her between hearing of her trip last June and finally meeting her in August, and even after spending the first day with her, I still didn’t know the answer. She recently said (in the trailer for her documentary) “It doesn’t matter if we have differences in opinion, I want to know how we can make a difference. It is up to us to co-create a better future because if Peace doesn’t matter today, how does tomorrow even matter?”
It isn’t only because of what she believes, or what she writes that Alix is my Peace hero; it is because she is DOING something about it. She is taking to the streets (literally) and deciding not only to speak her Peace, but to live her truth and to make Peace a priority.


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Enuga Reddy

Dear Daphne

Thank you for your posting.

Would you please be kind enough to include the name of Enuga Reddy
in the listing of "Peace Heroes"



email: enuga.reddy @ gmail.com

a warm smile
silent lotus

" May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears." ..... silent lotus

Thanks, Susan! And Good Luck!

Thank you for sharing your Peace Hero and good luck getting on the team!

Update on my hero: Alix just finished day 2 of Peacescooter 2008. She is in Ashville, NC tonight and heading toward Atlanta, GA by Monday to see Alice Walker speak.

In Peace, Daphne

My Peace Hero

My peace hero is Miki Kashtan, co-founder (with her sister Inbal) of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication and my mentor for the past three years. I'll quote your peace hero and apply it to Miki: We bring peace when we define it, become it, and live it. Like many peace activists, Miki came to peace through reaction to violence. As an Israeli youth serving her required term in an army that was fighting terrorism with terrorism, she dedicated herself to living her dreams of peace.

I don't know a whole lot about her early days in this country, but I celebrate the day she met Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author and founder of the global Center for Nonviolent Communication which is now headquartered in Albuquerque. She found that his teachings were in harmony with her values and offered her an effective way to walk her talk. She doesn't want to "do" NVC - she wants to "be" NVC. NVC is a non-drug-dependent altered state of consciousness that returns us from the habits that were taught to us by our domination culture to our fundamental compassionate nature.

I met Miki on a teleconference sponsored by The Peace Alliance in early summer of '05, and I decided on the spot that I wanted to study with her and do what she does. Her vision is a world where everyone's needs matter and where people have the skills they need to resolve their conflicts nonviolently.

Last year, Miki facilitated the series of meetings at which the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace wrote its charter and self-organized into a global NGO. She has a passion for facilitating the study and practice of NVC in "underserved areas." Right now, she's on tour teaching restorative justice in Brazil and connecting across differences in Ghana - this in spite of her resolution to travel less so that she can write a book!

I'm glad she's still traveling, though, because she's coming to my side of the Mississippi the first week of August. I've got my registration and my application for financial aid turned in along with, for the first time, an application to be on her support team. Wish me luck!

And please post a Reply to Daphne's original post and tell us about your Peace Hero!

Editor, propeace.net

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