Hey Peacers!!


22,000 miles, 10 inch wheels, 90mpg. Community. And You.

Hey I'm Alix and I'm on the homestretch of a 22,000 mile ride for peace; just 2,000 miles before I arrive in D.C.
The ride is called P.E.A.C.E Scooter, and I'm riding a 125cc scooter to promote Peace, Community, Environmentalism and fuel alternatives. I started this demonstration last year, driving routes border to border and coast to coast, to trace the largest Peace sign in history onto the US map.

I genuinely hope to inspire Americans to define Peace and pro-actively create a common ground within their communities. Focusing not on our differences, but on how we can make a difference-interviews, travel accounts and environmental discussion are featured online, through video, photographs and blogging. I think it's important to explore the American perception of Peace because we must know what the word means before we can acquire it- lasting Peace must always come first from the individual. A critical mass can't happen without a majority!

P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER will be coming to your town or nearby, soon, please visit routes/schedules on www.peacescooter.com.The interactive site also features a public wall to record your definition of Peace. I hope that people around the world will visit this wall and that it will soon have one million definitions of Peace. It is our space and serves as a place to view the perspectives of many people. Please tell your friends and family about the Peace ride.

P.E.A.C.E Scooter is a public event and also a charitable fund raiser, the goal to raise $1 per 1 mile driven. 60% is split between 4 non profits working to improve our world. People are encouraged to participate by sponsoring a section of the Peace map, found online at www.peacescooter.com/map.htm. There are also raffles each week.

Please join me in this epic ride to put Peace on the map and in the hearts of our fellow citizens.
I would rather us make history creating Peace than become history in its absence.

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welcome in sedona

If you are coming through sedona arizona you would be most welcome to rest and replenish in my home.

critical mass

understand what you are saying...

more and more peacers, from all walks of life, are working with you to hold the increasingly vast positive space that is sufficient enough in power and "mass" to tip those dominoes into peace...


daphne_in_maine wrote:
A critical mass can't happen without a majority!

Even the most basic reaction of physics, does not require a majority of interaction to reach a state of critical mass, all that’s needed is to gain a tipping point of sufficient properties to cascade the system into the domino effect. The planet is very close to that point and the consciousness of humanity will follow suite, as the natural system seeks its balance.


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