Is Obama Anti-war?

Somehow the Democratic Party is conceived by many as the anti-war party.

Despite a history of foreign interventions occurring during all of the last four Democratic administrations (in which even the Nobel Peace Prize winning President Jimmy Carter armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan), the overt hawkishness of the Bush Administration has resulted in a perception of the Democrats as doves. This is aided by remarks such as those by Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to Iraqis as “all God’s children” and the fact that both the current Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, and the chair of the DNC, Howard Dean, opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

Is Obama really anti-war? Or does he just oppose the Iraq war?

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Jason White wrote:
Ironically it is McCain that has (superficially) championed peace. The full tag line of his campaign is "Country First: Reform, Prosperity, Peace".

Looking into the mirror one all*ways sees a reflection, listening to the sound one all*ways hears a tone, and the last thing heard or seen will all*ways be the least likely to be acted upon.

"Country First: Reform, Prosperity, Peace", all true but very little of these actions will apply to The*People, and Peace is obviously last on, T-his List...


Obama is definitely not

Obama is definitely not anti-war in the view that the propeace community typically holds; that of the rabid, outraged dissident. However, I do think he tends toward propeace in the sense that he is an awakened, global citizen who recognizes fundamental interconnectedness. I wish that he talked about peace more. I feel that he refrains out of political necessity. I think his actions, once in office, will always be carefully considered, which is a great comfort, even if not always impeccably propeace.

Ironically it is McCain that has (superficially) championed peace. The full tag line of his campaign is "Country First: Reform, Prosperity, Peace". But his speech and manner is full of hatred, violence and militarism. He has shown that his approach to dealing with just about every situation is anything but peaceful. His use of the word peace strikes me as a convenient counterbalance to his obvious aggressive nature.

The choice in this election is a no-brainer if a propeace position ranks high in your priorities. Obama is not ideal from this perspective, but he is a huge step forward from where we currently are while McCain would increase the level of non-cooperation and violence among nations and at home.


critic wrote:
Is Obama really anti-war? Or does he just oppose the Iraq war?

The choice between Obama & McCain is a no brainier to anyone who’s been paying attention, & is made simply & clearly evident in their campaign slogan’s:

“Country First” is exactly how the world got into its current situation with inward, thinking nationalistic, fundamental, doctrine driven agendas.

“Change We Need” is exactly how the world will improve the situation, by creating a global responsibility for each*ones actions and agenda.

McCain is not equipped nor prepared to do the right thing, Obama is.

No viable candidate is antiwar, Mr. Obama is as close to pro-peace as will be available in this cycle for election, and is the only viable candidate with the global credibility, recognition and acceptance to seriously begin the long process of pulling away from the abyss, toward the horizon of creating a World4Peace.

Any*One who votes other wise, is simply prolonging the decline toward an inevitable collapse, for this election is not about self centered america, nor americans it is about the global situation, health, prosperity and future of mankind and this planet.


Obama no different on Afghanistan

Or big military budgets, a huge Pentagon, which of course pleases the defense industry.
Some Obamaniacs have tried to say he is just playin' "possum" until he's elected...Nuh-uh...I doubt that. He may have many good qualities but he won't get my vote (luckily for him I'm in a very blue state-Oregon)...I just can't vote for a guy who doesn't get it about the Military Beast and all it's subsidiaries. He won't bring Peace, methinks...but the USA is doomed anyway and will fade and fall as Empires do.

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