Bailout Media Wrap-up - SAY NO!

While the $700 billion bailout seemed a certainty only two days ago, public outcry from the public and bi-partisan concern about giving the Treasury Department carte blanche has put some speed bumps in the path of passing this historical legislation. Though there is some finger-pointing going on between the two parties about who caused this crisis in the first place, it appears that an equal number of Republicans and Democrats are now questioning the wisdom of Secretary Paulson’s bailout plan and are willing to take a deep breath, step back, and consider all the options before saddling the tax-payers with this enormous and unpopular government intervention. Observing that the urgency placed on passing this plan immediately is reminiscent of Bush’s insistence on funding for the disastrous Iraq War, lawmakers are showing trepidation about making the same mistake twice. These kind of high pressure tactics are normally reserved for the used car lot, and our legislators are wise to think twice before investing the American public’s money into another Bush Administration lemon.

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