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From The Jewish Voice for Peace

What we will do together.

JVP is working now to develop a multi-faceted and long-term response
to the attacks on and strangulation of Gaza. We will let you know soon
how you can be a part of this. But in this moment, especially for thos
of you who live in the United States: read more »

From: US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Subject: Emergency Protests to Stop the Attacks on Gaza

Emergency Protests to Stop the Attacks on Gaza read more »

First Sign of No Change: Obama hires his Chief of Staff, by Mazin Qumsiyeh (occupied West Bank)

http://onlinejourna publish/article_ 3975.shtml

http://palestinechr view_article_ details.php? id=14355 read more »

I attended this event. Please read... A small cross-section of life holds true in all life...

From: Immigrant Support Network
Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 10:53 AM read more »

I wrote this poem for Paul Newman, resurrected it on behalf of a good man. We shall miss him indeed.
He walked the talk.

Movies, I Am & Pickles (2005)

In the narrowest conception called "I Am"
lives an unidentified source.
How this source appears is _______________
(By filling in your very own blank.)

I honestly know how exacting and detracting read more »

A Death in Afghanistan

Tell me my dearest friend,
where on earth can I
be beautiful,
walk tall and proud
and be who I am
if not in Afghanistan?

Am I not so valued here
that I am
a sight not to behold,
Am I not so precious to you
that should anything
less than your image
of my perfection storm
dark in your raging
my Beloved Afghanistan,
I should gladly spill my blood read more »

I purchased two t-shirts from my Middle East Peace Forum.
One for me one for my daughter.

The t-shirts are light blue, with END WAR in large black letters. directly underneath.

Please visit the site, order your t-shirt, wear it and say something powerful.

Peace Now. Love Always

~Anna Ruiz

The Following from a flyer from Northeastern Ohio Antiwar Coalition (NOAC) sponsera a series of films that document war resistance from a variety of perspectives.

Meeting Resistance read more »

Thirty or so years ago, with a baby in a stroller..I walked through my neighborhood handing out flyers for nuclear disarmament... One particular conversation ensued that was notable to me... my next door neighbor (from Chile, married to an American) had no qualms about war, nuclear or otherwise. When asked, she had no issues about her son going off to war...or her daughter. read more »

Somewhere A Buddha Sits

a Buddha sits
with Lotus feet….

In Korea they are rioting
NO American beef
police clash
clubs hit
and blood spills,
hoses away
all signs

Somewhere a Buddha
opens his eyes
angels unfurl wings..

John testifies he’s never
seen a storm like the one in
Golden California,
raging. still raging read more »

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